Tuesday, September 27, 2011

An Added Page: Imbas Forosnai by Nora K. Chadwick

After I had a lengthy search and jumped through a bunch of hoops to find the online copy of Nora Chadwick's article, Imbas Forosnai, only to find that it was in three nearly inaccessible parts via the Wayback Machine, I spent today editing the text and putting it up as a page here on Searching for Imbas so that it would be much more easily findable and accessible for everyone else who might want to read it.

I've cleaned up the formatting, checked for typos, and added the footnotes missing from Molly's original transcription of the article on her Geocities site. Please feel free to pass the word, and the link.


  1. Brilliant! I had to go to a different country to finally find a copy of this article. This is a boon to us all! Buíochas leat, a chairde!

  2. Thank you, Dreamnadhia! I'm glad I could be of service.