Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Files from my Brigid and Sarasvati workshop

This year at PantheaCon, then again at Eight Winds, I did a talk on the parallels between Brigid and Sarasvati. Most of the time, when I do public speaking I am doing my talk from an outline. There's not much to it beyond a structure for the talk I'm giving. Sometimes there's a reading/resources list to go with it that gets handed out at the presentation.

For the Brigid and Sarasvati workshop, it was a lot easier just to present the material in a side-by-side comparison chart. You don't get the discussion, but you can have pretty much all the information that was covered.

It's available here on my website as a .zip file that should download automatically when you click on the link. There are two PDF files, a text file with a short reading list, and a text file with some random quotes and notes for those who might be interested.

If you download, let me know what you think.

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