Friday, March 26, 2010

Eight Winds Festival

The kind folks of ADF Northwest have asked me once again to speak at their Eight Winds Festival this summer. This year's festival will be taking place in the Columbia Gorge in Washington state. It's a beautiful area.

I had a great time at last year's festival, on the Redwood Coast of California.

This year one of the activities I'll be taking part in will be an open conversation with Skip Ellison about ogam. He's the author of a book on ogam that primarily uses the tree ogam paradigm, but which also has really nice illustrations of all the ogam scales from the Book of Ballymote in a convenient and inexpensive package. This should be a really fun and informative discussion, and I've had quite a few folks (including Skip) express some real enthusiasm for the idea.

I'll also be doing other workshops or classes but I haven't firmed that up just yet. I'll be sure to let folks know as soon as I've got class descriptions!