Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Incubation Redux

Some time ago I started clearing things out to turn a closet into an incubation chamber. After many months of delay due to weather and other issues, I've finally finished the painting that was necessary. The space is now nicely done in a darkish green, somewhat sagey, and very nicely relaxing. I'm letting the space air out now as I contemplate the layout of the space and what to place within it on the altars and for the work.

I've used the time since I began work on the chamber to do more reading, do more thinking, do more meditation about incubation and its processes. I feel more ready now than I did when the project began and so I also suspect that this was part of the reason for the delay -- integrating new ideas and some growth into the process. 

Another good sign is that I've started at least a bit to write poetry again. For me, this is the heart of so much of my practice. It's slow right now but that's all right. I find it difficult to push against the ebb and flow of that tide and I probably shouldn't try to anyway. So much of the work of writing and poetry happens like the germination of a seed, unseen and underground. It isn't a conscious process but a slow, imperceptible unfolding. Given time it touches the surface and becomes words to be sharpened and honed. 

I have cushions for the chamber, blankets for comfort. I have candles and places to put them. I have objects and images for those parts of the work that will take place in the light. I have ideas for ways to proceed. The time has come to write the framework for the rituals themselves so that vision can flow forth.