Friday, November 25, 2011

My schedule at PantheaCon 2012

The PantheaCon schedule for February 2012 is now live on the PantheaCon website.

I have three planned appearances this year:

Friday, 11pm:
Celtic Reconstructionist Rituals: A Look at the Nuts and Bolts

We will examine rituals used by the Seattle CR community as examples of ritual construction for vigils and shorter rites. With scripts in hand, we'll deconstruct these texts and the elements involved, and discuss how and why these rituals were created and how they evolved. These living examples can provide inspiration for creation of rituals for other local groups or individuals.

Saturday, 3pm:

Sisters of Seshat's Moon Ritual. The Sisters of Seshat is a feminist ceremonial magic group based on material in Brandy Williams's excellent and thought-provoking book The Woman Magician. I still owe Brandy a review for that book. I was extremely impressed.

Sunday, 7pm:

Brigid and Sarasvati: Goddesses of Poetry and Inspiration

Imbas flows in many forms. Poetry, music and other creative arts lie within the purview of Brigid of Ireland. India's Sarasvati is similar to her in many ways. Join Erynn Rowan Laurie in exploring the mythic and poetic intersections between these two Goddesses and their poetic gifts to their devotees.

I hope I'll see you at the con! I'm very much looking forward to participating this coming year.

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