Sunday, December 2, 2007

Getting started

Over on my LiveJournal, I've been writing for years about my life, my personal practice, and the books and articles I've been working on. Searching for imbas is meant to be a place where I explore the depths and particulars of the path of filidecht, the path of poetic mysticism based in the Gaelic traditions of Scotland and Ireland.

Expect occasional book reviews, essays on ritual and personal practice, divination and ogam, poems that arise out of my practice, healing work, and thoughts on what it is to be a fili in the modern world. It's a complicated subject and language and context are of critical importance for understanding.

If there's something you'd like to see addressed here as an essay topic, please feel free to comment and I'll take it under consideration. 

Thanks for coming, and I hope you'll find our talks together interesting and informative. I know I'll be learning things along the way!

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